We Know Every Baler Equipment Option, Every Baler Configuration Out There

We’ve been in the baler business for a long time. We’ve seen it all and then some. You can’t be successful in this business and not know what you’re doing. Our longevity is a testament to the level of trust and expertise we’ve built in the baler business. When you work with us, we’ll roll up our sleeves and access our vast and extensive knowledge base to configure to your requirements.

We Can Handle the Complex and Dig Deeper to Uncover Better Options

We love what we do and enjoy tackling the toughest of challenges. We’ve proven this year-in and year-out with our time-tested and methodical discovery process and research: What are the materials being processed? Volume levels? Current configuration? Desired outcomes? Budget?

Complexity can quickly escalate even for the most straightforward requirements. Rest assured, when you have a resource like Apex Equipment working side-by-side with you, you’ll find our deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t will ensure your results meet your expectations for quality equipment and delivery time at the best possible price.

Tailored Labor-Saving Solutions vs. Cookie Cutter Proposals

What we’ve found is that every job or application has its own set of unique conditions. The final solution could involve new equipment or exclusively used or a combination of both.

We have a thorough understanding of multiple baler options, and we know the right machine for the application. Apex Equipment can provide you with a labor cost analysis to find the right baler for the job, which results in substantial labor savings for your company. We guide you through the various options to help you arrive at the best possible solution.

That’s our difference—you get insightful, well-thought- out recommendations and guidance. No cookie-cutter, robo-proposals that basically just change the dates and add nothing but extra zeros to your bottom line price and headaches to the buying process.

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