Where to Look for Baler Equipment Online

For business owners or managers who need a bailer to handle waste or recycling needs or document destruction, searching for “baler equipment near me” won’t get you exactly what you want. But searching for “baler equipment for cardboard near me” will show a better search result.

Here are some other search tips:

1) Determine the material you want to use the baler for. Baler for cardboard, metals, plastics, paper, etc.


2) Determine the size of the bale, weight of the bale or size of the waste container. Standard size for bales are 30”, 48” and 60” mill sized bales.


3) Make sure your spelling is correct.


4) A longer search phrase works better than one or two words. Be as specific and detailed as you can.


5) Search for a product name. This may limit you but is a good place to start.

Apex Equipment has an easy to navigate system. However, if you can’t find something, contact us. We’ll help you locate what you’re looking for and create a custom solution based on your specifications.


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