Reasons to Consider Buying Used Baler Equipment

Some will buy up or exchange for a new larger piece of equipment. This has created a rich secondary market for those looking for value when searching for baler equipment. Shopping on websites like Apex Equipment can turn up a match for what you are looking for.

Below is a list of key markers you should be aware of when buying used baler equipment.

Seller Experience
Are they the original manufacturer or the third-party seller. How long have they been in business? Do they know what they are doing, or selling out of their garage?

Get Details
How old is the equipment? How was it utilized? What was the total run time logged in the equipment? Is it designed to do the application you want it to do? Is there a maintenance record or warranty still available? If something breaks, can you still get parts?

Used Equipment Certified
We recommend that you have the equipment inspected and verified that it is working as designed. Age of a used baler often has little to do with its overall condition. The lifetime workload of the baler and the quality of the maintenance during its service life are far more important.

Refurbished Baler Equipment
Many companies offer refurbished equipment. Often times the work includes little more than new paint. We inspect all items on the baler, including the hydraulics, structure and electrical controls, to ensure problem-free performance upon installation. We work with you to provide the level of rebuild you prefer, depending on your budget.

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