Vertical Balers
Designed for small volumes and limited budgets, vertical balers are manually fed and are a good solution for two bales per day or less. Common materials include corrugated, plastic wrap and textiles. Multiple options are available, depending on types of materials to be processed. 

Horizontal Balers
Horizontal balers are designed for continuous use. They can be set up for manual or automatic feeding. They offer significant labor savings over a vertical type baler. A wider range of materials can be processed, including large corrugated, plastic containers, cans and textiles.

Single Ram Closed Door Balers
Single ram closed door balers are designed to bale a wide variety of materials but are used most often to bale large corrugated boxes and paper trim. Ideal for distribution centers, document destruction facilities and printers/converters. You can optimize efficiency with an automated feeding by conveyor, cart dumper or trim system. Requires hand tying of bales.

Multi-Material Closed Door Balers
Process a wide variety of materials. Ideal for medium volume recycling centers. Full ram travel into the bale chamber enables baling of corrugated, plastics, paper, cans, textiles and non-ferrous scrap.

Single Ram Auto Tie Balers
Single ram auto tie balers are best suited for baling high volumes of corrugated and paper. A wide variety of models are available for recycling centers, printing plants, box manufacturing, document destruction and distribution centers.

Two Ram Auto Tie Balers
Automatic tie balers ideal for facilities that process a wide range of material. Two ram balers produce high-density bales of corrugated, paper, plastics, cans, non-ferrous scrap and solid waste. Ideal for material recovery facilities, recycling, scrapyards and landfills.


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Key Buying Steps

ID Material and Volume
What are the types of material you plan to bale? What is the volume in terms of tonnage? Material and volume drive the size and type of equipment to consider.
What is the volume that you expect the baler to handle? Per year, per month, per day and per hour. Throughput is one of the most important factors in the decision process.
Determine Baler Specs
Consider labor costs, wire costs per bale, maintenance, spare parts availability, lease vs. buy and budget.
Compare Options
After completing your homework, determining your needs, amounts to be baled, bale density desired, future volume predictions and budget, you should be ready to compare and decide.
Contact Apex Equipment
We prefer to work with you from the start. That said, we'll plug into your buying process where it makes the most sense. We want you what is best for you. Just give a call and get started today.

Narrow your search

Excel Model 2R63 Two Ram Baler

The 2R63 offers an fully automated baling solution for a wide range of materials at an affordable price.  It is the smallest two ram/automtic tie baler on the market, but has big capabilties.  Bales corrugated, paper, plastics, cans, and more.  A wide range of loading options including pit style or above ground belt feed or hydraulic tipper.  Requires minimal power and floor space.

  • Recycling Centers
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Distribution Centers

Marathon Model TR-450 Two Ram Baler with Steel Belt Conveyor

Marathon Model TR-450-102-W-D Two Ram Baler/Conveyor - Includes the following:

1.  200 HP

2.  12" main cylinder

3.  57" x 102" charge opening

4.  60" wide steel belt conveyor with 30' lower horizontal

Currently set up with bagger system.  Can be retrofitted with automatic wire tie

  • Recycling Centers
  • Scrap Yards

Excel 2R63 Two Ram Baler with Automatic Wire Tie --USED

Excel Model 2R63 Two Ram Automatic Tie Baler - Available as is or rebuilt.  Small footprint ideal for facilities with limited floor space.  Bales corrugated, plastics, paper, cans, and textiles – 20 HP motor, 54” x 40” feed opening, up to 3.5 tons/hour corrugated, 6 tons/hour paper.  



Two-Ram Model 2R63
62” (158cm) Loading 52.5” (135cm) Frame
16’ 2” (493cm)
16’ 11” (516cm)
60” (153cm)W x 29.5” (75cm)H
54” (138cm)W x 40” (102cm)L
32,730 lbs. (14,846kg) (as shown)
2 - 6” (15cm) Bore x 74” (188cm) Stroke x 4” (10cm) Hard Chrome Rod
6” (15cm) Bore x 66” (168cm) Stroke x 3.5” (9cm) Hard Chrome Rod
105 gal. (399 liters)
34 Gal. (130 liters) Pressure Compensated Horse Power Limited Piston Pump
20 HP TEFC 230-460 V 3 PHASE
3,000 PSI Automatic Mode (3,250 Maximum)
159,467 lbs.
95 PSI
29 Seconds - 21 Sec. Short Stroke
60”L x 48”W x 30”H (152cm L x 122cm W x 76cm H)
Hi-Flow Cushion Shift Design
UL/CSA/CE Approved NEMA 12 Rated
1,200 lbs. (544kg) 4.2 TPH
2,000 lbs. (907kg) 9.4 TPH
1,500 lbs. (680kg) 8.0 TPH
1,600 lbs. (726kg) 8.0 TPH
1,100 lbs. (499kg) 3.3 TPH
1,000 lbs. (454kg) 2.5 TPH
625 lbs. (284kg) 3.0 TPH
1,200 lbs. (544kg) 5.6 TPH
Automatic Tie System Hour Meter Replaceable Hardox Wear
Bale Discharge Table Interlocking Construction Liners
Lower Photo eyes Air to Oil Cooler Percent of Bale Complete
Full Platen Penetration Regenative Circuit Indicator Lights
Short Stroke Selector Bale Release Door (50%, 75%, 100%)

  • Recycling Centers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing and Industrial

Excel Model 2R9D - Used

Hard to find two ram baler with sepration door.  50 HP motor, 9" main cylinder, tongue and groove wear liners.  Newer automatic wire tie.  To be factory rebuilt!

  • Recycling Centers
  • Scrap Yards

Excel Model EX62 Horizontal Baler - Used

Excel Model EX63 - To be completely reconditioned.  Bales corrugated, paper, plastics, cans, clothing, and more.

  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Scrap Yards
  • Recycling Centers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Document Destruction

Excel 2R10D with Bale Separation Door - Used

2008 Excel Model 2R10D with Bale Separation Door - Recent service work to baler in 2019 includes rebuilt main cylinder, full baler reline, new shears and ram hold downs.  New work to be performed prior to shp are bale door and bale door cylinder rebuild, new ram position sensors, and wire tier rebuild.  

  • Recycling Centers
  • Scrap Yards
  • Manufacturing and Industrial

Excel Model 2R9D Two Ram Baler with Bale Door - Used

Excel Model 2R9D Two Ram Baler - Includes automatic tie, bale separation door, new main cylinder.  Like new condition with only 2,000 hours actual use!

  • Recycling Centers
  • Scrap Yards

Harris Badger Two Ram Baler - Used

Harris Badger Model L50S-2-10 Two Ram Baler - Includes the following:

50 HP power unit

10" main cylinder

Bale Separation Door

40" x 84" charge box opening

Baler to be rebuilt and in guaranteed good working order.

  • Recycling Centers
  • Scrap Yards

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