Apex Equipment offers numerous options for baling plastics.  Generally speaking, the high memory nature of plastics makes it more difficult to bale than corrugated cardboard.  Balers with more power and longer cylinder strokes are tyically better suited to baling plastics.  For lower volumes of less than two bales per day, special vertical balers such as the PTR-3400HD-65 are recommended.  This baler has a 65" stroke main cylinder, compared to a 48" stroke cylinder for a comparable model for corrugated cardboard.

For volumes of 2-10 bales per day, Multi-Material Closed Door Balers are the best choice.  These models provide extra long cylinder stroke and enough power to provide maximum truckload weights on most plastic grades.

For high volumes of 10 bales per day or more, Two Ram Automatic Tie balers provide fully automated baling for a wide range of plastic grades.

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